1978 Plymouth Fury Police Car

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1978 Plymouth Fury Police Car - Picture 1 of 14

Up for sale is my rarer than hens teeth 1978 Plymouth Fury ex Police Pursuit
This is the real deal and I’ve only ever seen one or 2 in the UK at shows
You’ll recognise these cars from all the countless TV Shows in the 80’s (Inc Dukes of Hazard, A-team, T J Hooker)
And it’s one BIG car
Cop Motor, Cop Shocks, Cop Suspension the works
These cars weren’t available to purchase by the public at the time and were only available to police and other law enforcement depts

E86 A38 Police Special Handling Package (Part of fender tag still visible)
Certified 140mph speedo which is one of the tells that this is the real thing
Huge Discs on Front (Drums Rear)
Heavy Duty Battery with heat shield
High Capacity radiator…

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