Ford F100 1972 390

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Ford F100 1972 390 - Picture 1 of 6

For sale is my car 1972 F100


Truck has a lovely spec making it simple to just get in and drive anywhere

Quick spec as follows

390fe engine with C6 auto

4 barrel edelbrock carb with auto choke

4 barrel police interceptor manifold

Mild cam

Front disc upgrade with Ford Explorer master cylinder

3/4 lower kit with springs upfront and drop links on the rear

8 inch front wheels with 10 inch in the rear – modified to fit Ford dog dish hub caps on but I also have a set of spider caps which fit straight on.

1970 grille inserts (I still have the 72 inserts in great condition)

Bf goodrich ta radials

Power steering

Retro sound Bluetooth stereo

Relocated alloy fuel tank

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